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Join the founder of internationally-acclaimed website Get Your Shit Together and author of the book 'What Matters Most', Chanel Reynolds, over this 4-week course for expert advice and guidance to finally get your financial, legal, digital and emotional estate planning tasks and critical documents completed.

2 Live Sessions: Join the live, weekly, small group gathering that works best for you: Wednesdays from 5-6:00 pm PT or Thursdays 10-11:00 am PT, or view the recorded sessions on your own schedule.

  • GET STARTED (Week 1): Create your personalized checklist, what-if exercise, complete questionnaire, prioritize your goals and schedule to be successful.

  • LEGAL 101 (Week 2): Review, draft and complete the legal *must-do* documents like wills, power of attorney and advance care directive documents.

  • TIME & MONEY (Week 3): Emergency Funds, Financial Planning and Insurance. Getting your personal finances and insurance policies in order to cover your needs today and protect your vulnerable spots over the long haul.

  • DIGITAL ACCOUNTS, DETAILS & WRAP UP (Week 4): Wrangling the Details: Accounts, Documents and all the 'Stuff.' What You Leave Behind: Death, Dying and Legacy

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Watch: Chanel Reynolds

On her book, 'What Matters Most' and Getting Our Shit Together

GYST 4-Week Course:
How It Works

Chanel Reynolds condenses over ten years of workshops, trainings, interviews, and in-person classes have road tested how to get the most items off your to-do list done in a small and supportive group gathering. Take care of of these important tasks before life goes sideways, it's easier than you think!

  • 80-page custom workbook with interactive master checklists, questionnaires, templates, tools and emergency planning lists.

  • One-on-one support: Open Q&A after each weekly session and additional 1:1 support during or after your course.

  • Video library: Recorded group gatherings to review on your own schedule or if you miss a weekly live session available for 3 months..

  • Weekly emails with additional instruction, tips, reminders and resources to keep you on track.

  • Resource lists: Curated articles, tools, advice, referrals, services and where to find help or services planning in advance or after an emergency.

In-Person Weekend Workshops are Back!

Please Join us on Saturday, January 21st 2023 in downtown Seattle, WA
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Private Sessions for Individual, Couples & Families

Ready to get your shit together but not into groups? You're in the right place. Chanel offers one-on-one sessions and individual support - get an in-depth survey and onboarding interview with customized tasks and personalized nudges. In a few sessions and a couple of months you will make incredible progress.
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Featured Press and Praise

Article: The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money

New York Times Article by Ron Liebier

Excerpt: Ms. Reynolds, 48, became an expert through the death of her husband, José, and the gut-wrenching period of logistical and financial madness that followed. She describes it all in “What Matters Most.” Read Full Article:

Opinion: Catastrophe struck when my husband was killed. Here’s what I learned about creating a ‘what if’ plan

by Chanel Reynolds

Four years after my husband was killed in an accident. I had mostly gotten my sh-t together (completed my will and power of attorney documents, created an emergency fund, got more life insurance, specified my end-of-life wishes, recorded important account and password information, etc.) and encouraged my parents, friends (and the whole world via my website Get Your Sh*t Together) to make it easier on everyone after they die, too.
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Course Example: Living Wills

Legal and Estate Planning Basics We All Need

Estate Planning 101 | 4-Week Course

Get Your Legal and Financial Planning Basics and Documents Done!

  • 1

    Welcome! Pre-Course Prep & Intro Survey

    • [INTRO SURVEY] Pre-Course Survey: Get Started (10 questions, 2-3 minutes)

  • 2

    Week 1 Get Started: Create Your Checklist, Priorities, & Plan

    • LIVE GROUP GATHERING [Zoom Link TBD] Weekly Live Sessions: Wednesday, Feb 1 from 5-6:00 pm PT or Tuesday, Feb 2 from 10-11:00 am PT

    • [COURSE WORKBOOK] Group Meeting Exercise/Assignment (pages 1-7)

    • GYST Essentials Checklist: Start where you are (Spreadsheet & Document)

    • [HOMEWORK] Creating a 'What-if' Plan

  • 3

    Week 2 - Legal 101: Estate Planning & Legal Documents

    • LIVE GROUP GATHERING [Zoom Link TBD] Weekly Live Sessions: Wednesday, Feb 8 from 5-6:00 pm PT or Tuesday, Feb 9 from 10-11:00 am PT

    • EXAMPLES: Estate Documents (for reference only)

    • RESOURCES: Estate Planning Resources List

    • [EXTRA CREDIT] NYT Article by Your Money Columnist Ron Lieber, 'The Best Investment of All: The People You Love the Most'

  • 4

    Week 3 - Time & Money: Emergency Funds, Financial Planning, and Insurance

    • LIVE GROUP GATHERING [Zoom Link TBD] Weekly Live Sessions: Wednesday, Feb 15 from 5-6:00 pm PT or Tuesday, Feb 16 from 10-11:00 am PT

    • [RESOURCES] Articles & Links: Money & Insurance

  • 5

    Week 4 - Wrangling the Details: Accounts, Documents and all the 'Stuff.'

    • LIVE GROUP GATHERING [Zoom Link TBD] Weekly Live Sessions: Wednesday, Feb 22 from 5-6:00 pm PT or Tuesday, Feb 23 from 10-11:00 am PT

    • [RESOURCES] Round Up & How to Get it Done!

    • [COMPLETION SURVEY] Post-Course Survey - Wrap Up (8 questions, 2-3 min)

    • [VIDEO] Fall Session 2022 Week 4: Digital Details and Wrap Up 11.09.2022

Get Your Shit Together in 2023

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  • Is the course online?

    Yes, this course meets for online (only) gatherings once a week for four weeks - the sessions are all online but the group size is small to encourage supportive conversation and personalized support.

  • What if I miss one of the group meetings?

    The meetings will be recorded and available to view after the session for the duration of the course but the Q&A session with other attendees or other personal information and stories will be omitted to ensure privacy. All course materials and resources will be available to access or download for attendees for the duration of the session.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    Yes, the 4-week course costs $249.00 per person. The full cost of the class will be refundable up until 24 hours before (but not after) the first session begins. Your course dashboard with videos of the four live sessions, custom worksheets and checklists will be available for 2 months after the course is complete (3 months total).

  • Can my spouse/partner take the class me or should they register and purchase the class separately? Is the cost per person or per couple?

    Yes, absolutely! Feel free to participate with your partner/spouse and have them join you.

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