Individual & Family Support: How it Works

Ready to get your shit together but don't know where to start? Feel overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?
Getting your shit together is one of the most important and valuable investments you will ever make. Private sessions provide you personalized guidance, step-by-step instruction and a perfect balance of enthusiasm and accountability to get your important plans done.

  • 4 Private Sessions - Four, hour-long sessions scheduled over up to three months focus on you and your personal goals and unique family priorities.

  • Flexible Timeline - This guided three month program allows you to schedule remaining sessions, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, per your goals and availability.

  • Personalized, Ongoing Support - Have questions, looking for resources, need weekly nudges or follow ups? You got it.

  • Custom Resources - Comprehensive materials include guidebooks, customizable checklist and planners to track goals and priorities.

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On her book, 'What Matters Most' and Getting Our Shit Together

Hoping for the Best is Not a Plan

When Life Goes Sideways: Completing your family's critical documents and basic plans now takes a handful of hours now and saves you/your family hundreds of hours, unnecessary emotional distress, turmoil, and often thousands of dollars later - here's how:

  • Avoid a Legal and Financial 'Death By A Thousand Paper-cuts': Dying without a will is called 'dying intestate' and you DO NOT want this. It can take 300-400 hours and about 2 years to manage someone's estate if they die without a will. Believe me, it really, really sucks.

  • Skip 'Treasure Hunts' and Digital Purgatory: How many online accounts and passwords do you have? Your Partner? Your Parents? Most US adults have over 100 online accounts. If it's hard to remember your own usernames and passwords on a good get what I'm saying.

  • Leave a Legacy, Not a Shitshow What does quality of life mean to you? To your spouse? Who do you want to be the guardian of your kids or pets? Did you know you can have temporary or back up guardians? Knowing what you or your family wants is a huge gift and incredible blessing. All you have to do is write it down.

Personal One-on-One Support

Your goals, your priorities, your timeline - and the nudges and coaching to finally get it done. Reach out and learn more.
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How It Works: Getting Started

Session 1: Discovery & Planning

+ In our first 1:1 session (1 hour) we'll discuss any questions about the process, chat about any/all things 'getting our shit together' and how you can get the most out of our private sessions.

+ We review your survey results, confirm and prioritize your goals and objectives, then create a customized checklist and schedule.

+ We'll wrap with defining next steps and confirm our next session and cover off on any remaining questions - you'll also get some homework and a few todo items.
Chanel Reynolds in a 1:1 session

How It Works: Make Progress!

Session 2: Legal Documents & Estate Planning Basics

+ Estate Planning: Wills, Living wills (ACD), Power of attorney documents and the foundational legal details, decisions and designations to make.

+ Review questionnaires, worksheets and checklist: Do you need a lawyer? Maybe. Do you need a Trust? Maybe. Your options, priorities and family needs.

+ What is most important to you and leaving an intentional legacy. Medical decisions, death care and after death choices to get your wishes known and documents completed.
Chanel Reynolds in a 1:1 session

How It Works: Get Shit Done

Session 3: Finances, Insurance + Legal Progress & Review

+ Do you have enough of the right kind of insurance? Discuss emergency plans, life insurance, long term care, etc).

+ Money Basics: Where is your money? Who's name is on it? Do you have access to it? What happens to it if/when something happens?

+ Review drafts or questionnaires, worksheets, review questions and/or next steps with your attorney or selected legal service provider.
Chanel Reynolds in a 1:1 session

How It Works: Confirm & Complete

Session 4: Final Steps to Get it Done

+ Confirm how to safely store and share documents with your trusted circle.

+ Digital accounts, passwords and options to manage and share your important details and documents.

What else? What next? In our wrap up session we'll review of remaining items and confirm next steps.
Chanel Reynolds in a 1:1 session
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Course Example: Living Wills

Legal and Estate Planning Basics We All Need

Featured Press and Praise

Article: The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money

New York Times Article by Ron Liebier

Excerpt: Ms. Reynolds, 48, became an expert through the death of her husband, José, and the gut-wrenching period of logistical and financial madness that followed. She describes it all in “What Matters Most.” Read Full Article:

Opinion: Catastrophe struck when my husband was killed. Here’s what I learned about creating a ‘what if’ plan

by Chanel Reynolds

Four years after my husband was killed in an accident. I had mostly gotten my sh-t together (completed my will and power of attorney documents, created an emergency fund, got more life insurance, specified my end-of-life wishes, recorded important account and password information, etc.) and encouraged my parents, friends (and the whole world via my website Get Your Sh*t Together) to make it easier on everyone after they die, too.

Private Sessions FAQ

  • Are the private meetings online?

    Yes, the private sessions are online and are generally over zoom (but not required) to encourage face to face conversation and better personalized support. If you are in the Seattle, WA metropolitan area or can make arrangements with my travel schedule I am happy to arrange in person meetings.

  • What if I/we miss a private meeting?

    If you need to miss a scheduled meeting we can reschedule for a different day/time. 24 hours notice is appreciated. Should scheduling the in-person sessions prove too challenging, the weekly meeting content and instruction can be recorded and will be shared as self-study session.

  • How much does the private course cost?

    A private course with individual sessions is $499 per individual or couple.

    For comparison, the rate for one hour-long private meeting/session for an individual or couple $199 per hour.

    An alternative option that provides similar topics, materials, and instruction (without the private meetings) are the monthly online group courses which are are offered for $149 per person.

  • Is the cost per person or per couple?

    Your partner, spouse, or household 'person' is welcome (and encouraged) to join you. Generally, partners share the same questions, goals and priorities as you and creating these documents and plans together is a very meaningful and productive process as a team. Should your partner have additional priorities or numerous expanded concerns we can schedule additional session(s) for a flat fee.

  • How and where do I access my materials and resources??

    All core materials and resources are available to access, view or download on the Private Sessions Course Dashboard. Once you sign up and purchase your private sessions you will receive an email confirmation with sign in links and details. Additional resources and/or personalized materials will be sent via email or secure link with your permission.

  • Chanel's experience and credentials?

    Chanel Reynolds is an expert in helping people get their shit together with over 25 years experience as a project manager, managing director, and business leader. For ten years she has been a leader in the end of life space. She has been there. She gets it. She is NOT an attorney, financial planner or here to sell anyone an insurance policy or annuity. She has been described as 'the Erin Brockovich of Estate Planning' (which she very much enjoyed hearing, thank you) and encourages you to think of her as your accountability club captain, personal trainer and workout mentor. Meaning, she is not/will not be providing legal or financial 'advice' but will help you get the important stuff done ASAP with her no BS approach, soft heart, expert advice, occasional swear words, and a more than a few jokes.

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