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Preparing for Life's 'What-Ifs': Online, self-study course so you can finally get your *stuff* together.

Chanel Reynolds condensed over ten years of workshops, trainings and interviews along with road tested guidebooks and how-to advice to help you get your to-do list done. Take care of your family's most important plans and critical documents before life goes sideways - it's easier than you think!

  • 80-page Course Workbook: Master checklists, questionnaires, tools and resources to better prepare for when life goes sideways.

  • Easy Tools: Interactive spreadsheets with expanded GYST essentials checklist, details tracker, state-by-state guide, and curated resources.

  • Step-by-step instructions: 4+ hours of video how-tos guide you through critical tasks, to-do lists and next steps to make meaningful progress with confidence.

  • Nudges & Reminders: Ongoing nudges, support and weekly emails with additional tips, reminders and guidance to keep you on track.

Your Essential To-Do List - Finally Done!

Get the essential end-of-life planning basics like wills and living wills, emergency plans, finances, insurance policies, digital accounts and 'what if' plans completed.

This course is for every individual, couples and family who needs to get *stuff* done but has felt too overwhelmed, confused, busy, or don't know where to start.

  • GET STARTED (Part 1): Create your personalized checklist, what-if list, prioritize your goals and timeline.

  • LEGAL DOCUMENTS (Part 2): Critical legal basics every adult needs: Must-do estate planning documents like wills, power of attorney and advance care directives.

  • MONEY & INSURANCE (Part 3): Emergency funds, finances and insurance policies. Do you have enough of the right type of plans/policies in place? Let's find out.

  • DIGITAL DETAILS & WRAP UP (Part4): Wrangle the important details like your (hundreds of) online accounts, store and share documents safely.

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Course Example: Living Wills

Legal and Estate Planning Basics We All Need

Featured Press and Praise

Article: The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money

New York Times Article by Ron Liebier

Excerpt: Ms. Reynolds, 48, became an expert through the death of her husband, José, and the gut-wrenching period of logistical and financial madness that followed. She describes it all in “What Matters Most.” Read Full Article:

Opinion: Catastrophe struck when my husband was killed. Here’s what I learned about creating a ‘what if’ plan

by Chanel Reynolds

Four years after my husband was killed in an accident. I had mostly gotten my sh-t together (completed my will and power of attorney documents, created an emergency fund, got more life insurance, specified my end-of-life wishes, recorded important account and password information, etc.) and encouraged my parents, friends (and the whole world via my website Get Your Sh*t Together) to make it easier on everyone after they die, too.

Watch Intro Video

Watch: Chanel Reynolds

On her book, 'What Matters Most' and Getting Our Shit Together

Estate Planning 101 | 4-Week Course

Get Your Legal and Financial Planning Basics and Documents Done!

  • 1

    CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME: Preparing for Life's 'What-ifs' Online Course

  • 2

    Section 1: Get Started - Create Your Checklist, Priorities & Plan

  • 3

    Section 2: Estate Planning & Legal Documents

  • 4

    Section 3: Money & Insurance: Emergency Funds, Financial Planning, and Insurance Policies


    • [VIDEO 1] Money & Insurance Overview - Plans, Policies and Covering Your 'What-If's' (10 min)

    • [VIDEO 2] Money & Insurance Guidebook Session: Cover Your A$$ets Now, Later & in The Future - PDF Begin 43 (50 min)

    • [RESOURCES] Articles, Links and Advice: Money & Insurance

    • [Reading List] NYT Article by Your Money Columnist Ron Lieber, 'The Best Investment of All: The People You Love the Most'

  • 5

    SECTION 4: Digital Details & Legacy: Online Accounts, Storing/Sharing Documents


    • [VIDEO] Digital Details & Legacy Guidebook Session: Wrap Up, Storing, Saving & Sharing Docs & Details - PDF page 68 (40 min)

    • [RESOURCES] Round Up & How to Get it Done!

  • 6

    Course Review, Wrap Up & What's Next

    • [SURVEY] Course Wrap Up Survey - Thank you! (6 questions, 2 min)

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  • Is the course online?

    Yes, this course is an online, self-paced course designed so you can view the video lessons and complete tasks and todo items at your own pace. Depending on your needs and goals - most students find success targeting 3 months as goal.

  • How long can I access the course content and materials?

    Once you have registered and purchased the course you will have access to all course content, videos, resources and materials for 6-months. If you would like to request additional time, please contact GYST at

  • How much does this course cost?

    The course costs special $149.00 to register. Once your register you will have access to the course videos and materials for 6-months. The course fee refunds considered within 24-hours from purchase.

  • Can my spouse/partner take the class me or should they register and purchase the class separately? Is the cost per person or per couple?

    You are encouraged to invite your partner, spouse or life co-pilot to join you. If additional friends or family members would like to participate, please ask them to sign up and register as a separate individual or household.

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