The GYST High Functioning Happy Hour

Join Chanel Reynolds each month for a free, low-stress and no-strings gathering to learn more about getting our shit together - together.

The high functioning happy hour gatherings were created by Get Your Shit Together founder Chanel Reynolds in 2014. A HFHH provides an opportunity to join a real-life conversation and causal gathering for folks who prefer a more personal starting point to discuss these more serious documents and plans. We know we need to do it - many of us just have a hard time getting it done.

Happy Hour & End of Life Planning? Yep!

A High Functioning Happy Hour is a one-hour, zero-pressure gathering. Chanel will share an overview of the essential end of life planning basics like wills, living wills, healthcare directives, and what-if emergency plans. Join Chanel Reynolds (and sometimes special guests) for stories and guidance and learn how and where to begin.

Everyone is welcome. Bring your questions!

  • What Will We Learn? Lots! We'll make sure to leave time for questions, but we plan to cover:

  • What happens if I die without a will?

  • What’s the difference between a will and a living will?

  • How much does it cost to get this done?

  • Where do I store it and who should have a copy?

  • How do I find out if my parents have their documents done?

Happy Hour Highlights

Summer's Happy Hour featured award-winning Jewish educator end-of-life advocate, Rabbi Melanie Levav, ED of the Shomer Collective.

This High Functioning Happy Hour offered wisdom and advice for families navigating the monumental stage when your children become (legal) adults. Participants came away more informed about the practical, legal and emotional preparations everyone should consider this important journey.

WATCH: Find the recorded event and articles by Rabbi Levav on the Happy Hour event page dashboard.

HFHH Bonus Materials

Free Custom Workbook and GYST's Essential Details Tracker with RSVP.

  • GYST Customizable Workbook

    Get unstuck and stay on track with a 12-page, fill-in-the blank workbook to create a customized checklist and stay focused on your priority tasks.

  • Essentials Details Organizer & Tracker

    This 'Big List of Everything' is a guide to the digital accounts, household details, and list the key information every household needs to know or be able to find.

Featured Press and Praise

Article: The Power of Raw, Honest Stories About Money

New York Times Article by Ron Liebier

Excerpt: Ms. Reynolds, 48, became an expert through the death of her husband, José, and the gut-wrenching period of logistical and financial madness that followed. She describes it all in “What Matters Most.” Read Full Article:

Opinion: Catastrophe struck when my husband was killed. Here’s what I learned about creating a ‘what if’ plan

by Chanel Reynolds

Four years after my husband was killed in an accident. I had mostly gotten my sh-t together (completed my will and power of attorney documents, created an emergency fund, got more life insurance, specified my end-of-life wishes, recorded important account and password information, etc.) and encouraged my parents, friends (and the whole world via my website Get Your Sh*t Together) to make it easier on everyone after they die, too.
Watch Intro Video

Watch: Chanel Reynolds

On her book, 'What Matters Most' and Getting Our Shit Together

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